Forum Archive

For over a decade, Behavior OnLine hosted a set of online forums to allow professionals to converse with colleagues from around the world on topics of shared interest. Those forums are no longer active on Behavior OnLine (you cannot register or add new posts), but are listed here as a static archive.

General Discussion Forum

Neuropsychology in the 21st Century (Elkhonon Goldberg)

Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy (Henry Stein)

Organizational Development (Charles Seashore)

Creative Arts Therapies International (Martin Perdoux and Cathy Malchiodi)

Cognitive Therapy (James Pretzer)

Gestalt Therapy (Brian O’Neill)

Control-Mastery (Jessica Broitman)

Evolutionary Psychology (James Brody)

Psychology of Cyberspace (John Suler)

EMDR (Francine Shapiro)

Ericksonian Therapy (Jeffrey Zeig and Stephen Lankton)

Meditation In Psychotherapy (James Spira)

Online Clinical Work (Leonard Holmes)

Law, Ethics, and Psychotherapy (William Reid)

Sexual Issues in Clinical Practice (Marty Klein)

Behavioral Medicine and Primary Care (Robert Feinstein and Steven Locke)