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Where’s the Money Go?

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

It Buys the Next Election… “I felt like a protester in Cairo yelling at Mubarak. This guy just doesn’t get it.” James Pethokoukis Last year’s radio ad featured a soft whisper, “I have what you need.” This year we get the same message shouted at Obama’s political rallies. Cell phones, health care waivers, college loans, […]


Diagnosis and Evolutionary Theory

Thursday, January 21st, 1999

Reminders of Our Past First, it was noticed recently that some of our female ancestors in Africa had smaller leg bones and a different ankle structure than the males, suggesting to modern scientists that women came to ground from the trees long after the males did. Observers next watched American children on playgrounds; surprisingly, the […]


Darwinian Fundamentalists and Trust

Tuesday, September 2nd, 1997

You need two sets of concepts.1 The first concerns K-Selection vs. r-Selection. K-Selection means that the environment is stable and filled to near capacity with a particular species. These conditions are associated with lower rates of reproduction, higher parental investment in offspring, more cooperation (immediate, mutual swapping of resources), and a tendency towards larger organisms. Sounds […]