Where’s the Money Go?

It Buys the Next Election…

“I felt like a protester in Cairo yelling at Mubarak. This guy just doesn’t get it.” James Pethokoukis

Last year’s radio ad featured a soft whisper, “I have what you need.” This year we get the same message shouted at Obama’s political rallies. Cell phones, health care waivers, college loans, federal wages and benefits, more free money for “education” and vouchers, autoworker pay and jobs, municipal unions, teacher unions, and free health care, condoms, and abortions. Further, starving your kids is a small cost when you can avoid it by not having kids. Having a flat-screen today matters more than whom you starve tomorrow. Run out of your money, everyone else will pay.

Conservatives, however, counter Obama’s bribes by griping mostly to each other. Jack Kemp no longer works minority neighborhoods and is unreplaced. And throngs of old whites who saved their money now dangle for harvest by people who didn’t understand saving money.

Next year’s presidential contest is now won in Cloward-Piven style by a pretty pusher. Or for that matter, a minaret crier. And as far is “getting it” is concerned, Obama may already have gotten it.

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