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How to Help a Losing Team

Monday, November 30th, 1998

Those of us who live in Philadelphia have been exposed to an unusual (if unappealing) opportunity to learn about the effect of chronic shame on muscular coordination, athletic skill, and cognition. Under the guidance of its head coach, the Philadelphia Eagles football franchise has slipped slowly into the bottom of its league despite the promise […]


Monicagate, Shame, and Affect Theory

Sunday, October 4th, 1998

Like all of us, I’ve been drawn into the storms raging about the President. Involved here, of course, are what Tomkins calls differing Ideological Scripts as seen in the responses of various political groups, as well as whatever personal scripts are involved in the behavior of the President. Yet it is to another aspect of […]


The State of Mental Health Online 1998

Sunday, April 12th, 1998

Mental health professionals may be surprised to discover how much is happening online today in the behavioral healthcare field. Working closely with dozens of online professionals and leading online discussions with hundreds of others, I believe I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on and what is in store for us professionals in […]


Brief Therapy

Tuesday, March 31st, 1998

I have been asked by Gil Levin to write about Brief Therapy, the topic of the August 26-30, 1998, conference organized by the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, to be held in New York City. In 1988, the first Brief Therapy Conference was held, and it remains the premier multidisciplinary congress on the topic. The three […]


Online Therapy Here to Stay

Tuesday, November 4th, 1997

Those are difficult words for me to write. While I do provide services directly to clients over the Internet, I have taken great pains to distinguish what I do from therapy. Not everybody does the same. Martha Ainsworth’s Internet Mental Health Services site lists many different mental health providers currently providing services. The site Concerned Counseling alone claims to have 150 […]


Darwinian Fundamentalists and Trust

Tuesday, September 2nd, 1997

You need two sets of concepts.1 The first concerns K-Selection vs. r-Selection. K-Selection means that the environment is stable and filled to near capacity with a particular species. These conditions are associated with lower rates of reproduction, higher parental investment in offspring, more cooperation (immediate, mutual swapping of resources), and a tendency towards larger organisms. Sounds […]


Roadblocks in Therapy

Monday, July 21st, 1997

Even though most systems of treatment build on what has gone before and honor the history of our field, each school of therapy maintains that it offers advantages unavailable through any other method developed to promote emotional growth and re-mediate whatever it sees as dysfunction. All of us who serve as faculty or correspondents here on Behavior […]