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Default Re: EMDR Trauma

I am grateful that you have put forward your story the way you did. It will help therapists and clients alike to see what the risks are of skipping the step of determining how on board a client's self system is.

Many highly dissociative clients don't know they even HAVE parts. Its up to the therapist to take the necessary steps to reveal whether there is a dissociative disorder that must organize the approach to the preparation for EMDR.

Even DDNOS clients can find EMDR retraumatizing.

I hope clients who see themselves in this picture will also take the opportunity to have a different outcome than they could the "first time through" with trauma. Name, this time to speak up, assert themselves, and feel entitled to set their boundaries and limits. A therapist worth her or his salt will respect and applaud that step. That way even a therapeutic mistep, impasse, or rupture can itself become the vehicle for a step toward healing.
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