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Default Re: Art Therapy vs. Recreation Therapy

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I have participated in art therapy as a patient. I have done it at a few different hospitals. The therapist, who had a master's degree in art therapy, Would give us some supplies and we could do want we wanted. After, she would have each of us show our piece and explain what it was. Then the therapist would do some voo doo mind tricks on us, and by that I mean she psycho analyzed our work.
I've read about art therapy and experienced some graduate course creative therapy workshops, there seem to be different approaches, some like described here and some more structured (eg 'Draw your feelings and talk about it with a partner') sometimes combined with other modailities (dance, movement, drama...)

It seems there are very many different therapies and approaches both in the 'talk therapy' and in the 'creative arts' areas... So this may make things seem a bit scattered.. I and others have experienced therapeutic benefits of drama/theatre and art even when they weren't officially 'therapeutic', so hmm...? It would be good to have things more organized I guess, and to give even some creative arts teachers and other teachers knowledge about the basics etc. like what Renee Emunah writes in the book Drama Therapy - that tools can be muuch more widely applicable than just the 'therapy' field. Of course work and job descriptions and evaluations, as well as education, would probably need to change then too..

I wasn't even aware of Recreation Therapy as such, not sure if it exists in my country (I am not from the USA).
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