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Wink Re: Art Therapy vs. Recreation Therapy

Thanks for the email heads up concerning your response. You were right, I didn't check these postings.
But I feel your pain in this issue. For me it's the love of the field and discipline we are in that motivates me to get beyond this daily struggle. It's the intrinsic value of the work that we bring to our clients that makes it all worth it. The unfortunate aspect, is the lack of understanding and recognition of our fellow staff. I hoped that after all these years the AATA would have done more to develop trainings or spread the word about the importance of Art Therapy in an inpatient setting. But instead, it has been left to the device of us already overworked and underpaid service providers.
I suppose this is a good forum to vent our frustrations, but that doesn't help the situation. We really need to band together somehow to perhaps develop a staff inservice which would be particularly vital in the inpatient setting. Perhaps something to think about. Maybe we want to put our heads together on this one.
Look forward to hearing from you.
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