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Arrow Re: Santorum Blinked

A Response…
I’ve listened to Bennett’s radio show for about three years. I have the greatest respect for Dr. Bennett’s production assistant, Seth Leibsohn, who is also a noted political author. I hear Seth’s cadence in this unsigned response, sent to me at 5:29 AM yesterday morning:
“Because it's not going to happen. Not with a Democratic Congress and it'd be unlikely with a GOP congress as well. There is not specific provision for impeaching the president based on the defined terms of "high crimes and misdemeanors" right now.”

And Some Defiance:
1) $300,000 has been lifted from each of my grandchildren. I think that’s very high crime.
2) We impeached Bubba not for porking an intern in my Oval Office but for lying-under-oath to a judge. (I’m personally not angry about his lie or what he did but where he did it!)
3) “Values” is not about making money but about honesty in our dealings with each other. Straighten out “right and wrong” and leave the economy alone to recover itself. (For a starter, see Amity Shlaes: The Forgotten Man.)The same is true for every one of us: Keep politician’s fingers out of our pockets and off of our fannies.
4) In every group that I attend, “impeachment” elicits cheers and sometimes standing ovations from one-third to one-half the audience.
Pushers and sociopaths know by instinct not to fret so long as the other side complains. Echoes of “impeach and remove” will evoke better conduct from our national candy man.
Bottom lines: Our strictest criteria for our representatives must be their willingness to act rather than talk, including the acts of impeach and remove…and our electorate must act as smart parents do towards a defiant son: skip the lectures and give him immediate, consistent, personally relevant consequences!
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