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I cannot remember where I read that case, but I can narrate it as I remember it: It was a case of a nurse with severe depression. Dr. Erickson noticed by her movements that she was left-handed when she was a kid but was probably forced to use her right hand as she grew up. So he took her into a room and talked to her for a couple of minutes and developed pain in her right hand. That pain was so severe that she could not use that arm. He then asked her to write her name. As she couldn't use her right hand for that, she wrote her name with her left hand. He then told her something like, 'No pain remains forever, and tomorrow there will be sunshine'.
And as far as I know that was the briefest therapy done to cure severe depression.
In the explanation, I think I read that using her left hand to write regressed her to her childhood (as then she used her left hand), and her childhood was free of depression. Also, that the pain in her right hand was conceived by her as her depression... and 'No pain remains forever'... and tomorrow there will be sunshine, something to be optimistic about...
I am sure someone here can cite where this case is mentioned...
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