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Default Re: encapsulated "people"

As indicated in many posts in this forum, many many people with trauma histories or even emotional neglect and attachment problems have parts of self that must be addressed clinically to resolve symptoms. That's called ego state therapy, originated by Dr Jack Watkins and the subject of my workshops and book, once I get it published. It will have about a hundred insight oriented cartoons to illustrate key concepts related to parts of self and EMDR work.

It can be an enormous relief to people to have their entire self be addressed with compassion and acceptance. Parts are always there for a good reason, a survival reason. Additionally, every human being on the planet has parts. That's normal, or all our experience would be in one heap, like a house without rooms, just a warehouse. Trauma makes the walls thick between rooms. Lots of trauma makes the walls thick and the doors locked. EMDR will get stuck on such "houses," and ego state therapy is the key to unlocking the doors.

Such "people" are not actually people, just parts of a whole person. All are important and need to have a voice.
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