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Default Re: emdr:nothing's happening

I have no reactions when trying to do the standard EMDR protocol. I have a variety of dissociation, so it seems that it keeps me from getting very far in the standard protocol. I balk and get confused at the first SUDS question.

What has worked, kind of magically (to me anyway) was using EMDR to install safe places. I was very skeptical at the time, but for some reason, it worked.

When I meet with my therapist, we use the Bilateral stimulation during session and I have noticed (and hated to admit it) that my behavior after sessions is not so off the wall. So for now, until parts get more on-board with this stuff, and the depersonalization wanes a little bit, its just the buzzers or the headphones for me. Maybe when the memories are less fragmented and more believable I can try again.

Take care.
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