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Default Re: emdr:nothing's happening

No, sorry about the confusion, I wasn't even responding to your post at all when I wrote my points about what may have gone wrong. I was responding to the original post in a hurry, without noticing that your post was more recent. I apologize for giving the impression that I was responding to yours, and would certainly never be critical of any client on an open forum.

Thanks for sharing your experience, which is precisely what he was asking for, since to him, "nothing's happening." Which might be true for him and clearly wasn't true for you.

Yes I'm a senior EMDR practitioner, and it's my job to moderate this forum on behalf of Francine Shapiro, the originator of EMDR. And I do EMDR a great great deal with people, for the last 17 years, so have a sense of what kinds of things will provide a "nothing's happening" response.

I do hope that others will continue to post their experiences, whether alot happened, or whatever nothing seemed to happen, during their EMDR processing.

Warm regards to all, --Sandra
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