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Default Re: emdr:nothing's happening

So far no clients have answered, so I'll comment. I'm both someone who provides EMDR treatment and has received it, so I have some understanding of the process and the felt sense of it.

It depends what the target it, and how symptomatic one is. If one has a trauma, and is able to allow that material to come up in processing, one is likely to have rather impactful experience during the processing, whether cognitive, emotional, bodily sensation, or some combination. If there isn't much of a trauma history,or if the memory of trauma is completely blocked, there may not be much of a response during the processing.

If one is using EMDR to process something beside a trauma, the felt sense may be not very strong. There may or may not be progress with the symptoms. There is no controlled research on the use of EMDR with non-trauma conditions, although many of us use it successfully that way.

There is another thing, and that involves the client understanding the instructions. That can be an issue when English is a second language, and the therapist doesn't speak the client's first language. The instructions say, "there are no supposed to's in this work, your job is to just allow whatever comes up to come up, without judgement." Sometimes people try effortfully to think or concentrate on something, in order to get an outcome they believe is needed. Rather, if we just notice what comes up, as if we were looking at scenery out of a train window, or as if we were watching tv, then no effort is necessary. Whatever needs to come up will come up.

If the target is not one that EMDR can help with, then nothing much would happen.

let's see if others talk about their experience.
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