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As far as I know, the videos r complete. The whole process in those videos did not take more than 30-45 seconds.
I have attended both sessions (in addition to other ones) and it is NOT Hypnosis with open eyes. I know that Hypnosis with open eyes comes with dilated pupils, but all the sessions I attended were characterized with constricted pupils... an indicator of Parasympathetic activity.
The technique revolves around a hypothesis that there is another part of the unconscious that functions in a manner similar to the Conscious mind, and that it is responsible for creating notions... a precursor in the process of thinking. Those notions can be pulled in any direction... Anesthesia, Analgesia, Compulsions, or even creating pains...
Apparently, Hypnosis communicates with the superficial levels of the mind to find an indirect way of indirectly communicating with deeper levels... and that done through filters, and with the person's consent, both conscious and unconscious, and with results ( as far as I know) not so successful most of the time.
This technique is a fast tool of communication with the Autonomous Nervous System... Direct Communication...
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