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I understand much of what you wrote, although, I may have had a language problem with some of what you stated and asked. Nevertheless, you are asking about group dynamics and individuals with difficulties that resulted from their upbringing. A useful framework for this problem sheds a good deal of light on this dynamic. That is, the monkey experiments conducted by Harlow. These are very well known. Small groups of (basically) identical monkeys were reared by different mothers. One group by a real monkey mother. One group was given a cloth covered replica of a monkey mother to cling on to. The third group was given a wire frame of a monkey mother. The results were prophetic. The real mother produced monkeys who would interact and follow the expected norms. The cloth mother produced monkey children who were aggressive and belligerent (combative). The wire mother produced monkey children who appeared frightened and prefered to stay in the corners.
It sounds like your participants stratified along similar line, and, for similar reasons. I hope I answered your question.
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