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Thanx for ur reply... Dr. Erickson could have easily uncovered the technique if he knew about it existence...
Dr. Escudero protects his method with a great deal of secrecy... Not to my surprise!
I know the technique used for pain-releif, and its very fast... 30 seconds up to just a few minutes... but I have not yet succeeded n conditioning people for surgery... And the Analgesia technique releives 80-100% of the pain... but the pain HAS to be there to relieve it... it recurs back in ax X number of days... but the next time the technique is used, the pain goes away for an X number of months... the 2 X's r equal...
in some cases pain goes away for an X number of hours, and the next time the technique is used it goes away for an X number of either days, or Months... which, I think, shows that there r 2 parts with 2 different units of time...
Strange... I am not sure it can be explained in terms of Conscious-subconscious...
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