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Default I will be glad not to make anyone unhappy.

Mr. Lankton,

Thanks for your answer. But I hope I did not want to ask the question which you answered. Or you have answered my question in such a way that I could not understand it.

I studied one or two stories where Dr. Erickson refused to see a patient, but I never read that he turned away a certain group or type of patients. It was purely my guess, because patients have endless sufferings and they hold the helping hand like a sinking person holding anything that comes in his hand, and because a therapist of his calibre would have an unmanageable number of patients, that he could not and did not see all his patients. I still think he selected, but there is NO reason to say that he refused to see some patients as they had evil qualities. It was my religious ideas that led me to think him something more than a psychiatrist who worked towards eradicating evils and there exist NO evidence to think like that. I personally think it is reasonable for a person who read some part of his work to have an impression that he wanted a society where life would be more comfortable and creative. In an article about his own experience of autohypnosis he expressed his regret that a thief with unproductive life could have a long life whereas a beautiful girl had a short life.

I can think of the beta cell of pancreas that go on secreting insulin according to blood glucose level - without ever knowing what the effect is of its action on the whole system and what can happen if it does not work or overworks. If I look at a hospital - like an workshop - peoples are coming, some standard protocol is applied to them, and they are discharged - and the flow CONTINUES. I really don't know whether that have any influence on the life as a whole. I know everyone is free to choose his action. But I am worried about the consequence of my action on ME and OTHERS. If I don't make any big mistake I may live for another 40 - 50 years but that the pain and suffering of life will persist as it was before, bothers me more. I have my own set of idea of good and bad, but I don't expect others to follow that as they have their own idea of good and bad. Moreover, my idea of good and bad is not a fixed one. Frequently I find what I used to think bad appears not so bad when seen from some other point of view - and when this happens I require some fresh idea to fill the emptiness in my frame of good and bad.

I remain in a place where uttering the words like 'hypnosis' or 'Erickson' makes people look at me in a peculiar way. The question was an effort to get an understanding etc.

Thank you.
Chayan Das.

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