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Default Re: Workshop psychologists, psychiatrists & clients

maybe we are all crazy to a certain degree; thus there might be no need to point "it" out by giving out dx's according to the DSM-IV.

I really don't know what the politically correct term for "mentally ill" is. I apologize but English is not my mother tongue. We are all equally crazy only that the defense mechanism of the ones with a DSM-IV dx are more intense ?! Everyone who has experienced psychosis either drug-induced or mania-induced or as a result of schizophrenia knows how scary & intense & overwhelming it can be. There are tons of mental health care workers, nurses and doctors who just think "oh God another crazy nut to take care of" "Some Haldol please"...end of story. The client is left alone with his or her disturbing thoughts struggling to stay (in) sane through the experience.

Yes, they are a lot of bipolars et all who are productive; however, the loneliness that comes with insanity is sickening. DBT and CBT work fine for minor incidences but not when things become bizzare & one really needs an empathetic therapist or psychiatrist to get through the horror. Reality is that the therapist is even more scared than the client because he/she thinks that the client might do stupid. Then therapy turns into a big negotiation about going to the hospital or not-not helping clients with the fear and agony.

Everyone is welcome who has had to deal with intense emotions. Sorry I am at a lack of words to describe my idea.
Gruss Barbara
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