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Default Workshop psychologists, psychiatrists & clients

[Do you think it would be helpful for mental health professionals to initiate a work shop with stable bipolars, unipolar depressives, neurotics etc. to analyze the experience of being "insane" i.e taking the clients point of view into consideration without having to "fix" the client ? I mean not having to deal with the "side effects" of a client -doctor relationship ? Or do you think clients would not be able to step "aside" and be objective about the craziness ?

I just think it is impossible for someone who does not have a mental illness to understand what is going on underneath the surface. One person who attempted to write about her own mental illness was Kay Redfield Jamison with her book "An Unquiet Mind". This book reflected her own experience with insanity. I was thankful that somebody dared to talk about her experience of living with bipolar disorder.

Any ideas, suggestions and true feelings about the possibility of working alongside a "crazy" person on the same level would be greatly appreciated. Please do not hold back- we are not in therapy

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