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emdrhypno January 22nd, 2007 02:27 PM

Basic protocol
Hi Sandra. I need clarification about a point of basic protocol. I have gotten distinctly different impressions about this from books, my EMDRIA approved training, and my EMDRIA approved consultant that supervised me between EMDR1 and EMDR2!!
At the beginning of the session, after getting the image that represents the worst part of incident, SUDS, emotions, somatic impressions, NC, PC, and VOC, how long should the client intentionally keep the image&NC in mind? Should I just bring it up, do BLS, and say "now go with that"? Or should they be intentionally trying to hold the memory while simultaneously focusing on BLS? What I currently do is the former, but Parnell, in her new book, seems to be implying that, at least for the first set, the client should be simultaneously focusing on the image and on BLS...

emdrhypno January 22nd, 2007 02:57 PM

Re: Basic protocol
And, relatedly, I use a tacometer and am not sure whether to tell the client to attend to it or to just turn it on. Currently, I just turn it on...but it seems like a different type of engagement of the brain than the old method of having the client follow the therapist's finger back and forth.

Sandra Paulsen January 23rd, 2007 02:34 AM

Re: Basic protocol
We evoke the picture, cognition, emotion and body sensation and say, "just notice it." Some people say, "focus on that." I DON"T say "focus" because some people make such an effort out of it. It isn't an effortful thing, it is a noticing, maybe a noticing with curiosity, but just a noticing. So its like a mindfulness stance.

Some people try to control what comes up in their awareness with "focus" and "concentration" and "trying" but that's not it.

"Just notice it" and simultaneously turn on the machine. That does the trick.

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