34th Cape Cod Institute

32nd Cape Cod InstituteThe schedule for the 34th Cape Cod Institute, June 17 – August 23, 2013, is complete and the course catalogue, with course descriptions and faculty profiles, is now available online at www.cape.org.

Here is the entire schedule of courses.

June 17 – August 23, 2013

Rick Hanson June 17- 21
Positive Neuroplasticity: The Practical Science of Turning Good Moments into a Great Brain

Margaret Wehrenberg June 17-21
Anxiety Across the Lifespan

Edith & Charlie Seashore June 24-28
Intentional Use of Self: Strategies and Skills for Consulting, Coaching and Change

Ronald Potter-Efron June 24-28
Healing the Angry Brain: Using Neuroscience to Help Angry Clients Make Long-Lasting Changes

Natasha Prenn June 24-28
The Nuts and Bolts of AEDP: Translating Theory into Clinical Practice

Pat Ogden July 1-5
Embedded Relational Mindfulness: The Dyadic Repair of Attachment Failures and Unresolved Trauma

Dan Hughes July 1-5
Attachment-Focused Treatment for Children, Parents, and Families

Ronald Frederick July 1-5
Emotional Mindfulness, Connection, and Healing: An Integrative, Experiential Approach

Bessel van der Kolk July 8-12
Frontiers of Trauma Treatment

Bernd Schmid July 8-12
Systemic Approaches to Coaching and Organizational Consulting

Harville Hendrix July 8-12
IMAGO: A Theory and Therapy of Couplehood

Richard Schwartz July 15-19
Internal Family Systems Workshop

George McCloskey July 15-19
Child and Adolescent Learning Disabilities: A Neuropsychological Approach to Assessment & Intervention

Richard Boyatzis July 15-19
Resonant Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Inspiring Development in Others

Amy Weintraub July 22-26
LifeForce Yoga: Empower Your Clients to Manage Their Moods

Kathy Kram & Ilene Wasserman July 22-26
Mentoring, Coaching, and Developmental Networks: Creating and Sustaining High Quality Connections at Work

Karen Levine July 22-26
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Current Treatment Approaches Through an Affective, Relationship Based Lens

Bonnie Goldstein July 29-August 2
An Integrative Approach to Working With Our Younger Clients: Child, Adolescent, Family and Group Treatment

George McCloskey July 29-August 2
Assessment and Intervention for Child and Adolescent Executive Function Difficulties

Robert Marshak July 29-August 2
Covert Processes: Exploring the Hidden Barriers to Organizational Change

Flint Sparks August 5-9
Growing Up and Waking Up: Applied Mindfulness in Psychotherapy and Buddhist Practice

Elana Katz August 5-9
The Art and Science of Emotionally Focused Therapy: Helping Couples Create Loving/Lasting Connections

Kelly Wilson August 5-9
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Growing Psychological Flexibility

Jeffrey Zeig August 12-16
Advanced Techniques of Therapy

Michael Carroll August 12-16
The Mindful Leader: How Mindfulness Meditation Cultivates Natural Leadership Talents

Edward Hallowell August 12-16
Unwrapping the Gifts: A Strength-Based Approach to ADHD Across the Life Span

Elkhonon Goldberg August 19-23
Clinical Neuropsychology of Executive Dysfunction and Other Disorders

Deborah Korn August 19-23
Treating Complex Trauma: Optimal Integration of Treatment Models

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